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You may reach out to us at support@sumco.store on Mondays to Fridays from 9AM to 6PM, excluding declared holidays. We don't have a hotline at the moment, but we promise we'll assist you via email as best as we can. Response time is generally within 1-3 working days.

SUMCO, a subsidiary of Summer International, is a leading Social Retail Network with a curated portfolio of classic and next generation beauty, health, and wellness lifestyle products. To know more about us, head over to our About Page for more details.

SUMCO is retail experience redefined. It is both a global Social Retail Network and a platform that allows social sellers and content creators to do affiliate selling and purchase our curated portfolio at wholesale prices. Once you become a part of SUMCO, you'll be joining a family of like-minded people that will learn, grow, and succeed with you throughout your SUMCO journey.

Definitely! SUMCO only works directly with official brands, manufacturers, and authorized distributors to ensure that all our products are 100% authentic.

There's something for everyone here at SUMCO!

We have curated our product catalogue to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. You will get access to some of the most exclusive and top-shelf beauty, lifestyle, and wellness products --ranging from our very own private labels to partner brands that are exclusively distributed by SUMCO, along with some of the fan-favorites from Korea and all over the world.

Pro tip: Purchasing our private labels as well as our selected exclusive partner brands can earn you double the points (2x), and on top of that, you can earn additional 1.5x points whenever you shop them in wholesale! You're welcome 😉

As part of the SUMCO Community, you get to unlock great deals at wholesale prices as you advance in membership tiers! This means that you can enjoy the best rates whenever you purchase in large quantities. Just head over to the product page of the item you want to purchase and see the set MOQ. You can also choose to sell in less quantity anytime with no upfront capital commitment if you sell the products via your affiliate links.

But what about purchasing just for personal enjoyment, you ask? Don't worry! You can choose to purchase just 1 or more items as a gift to your loved ones or something to keep for yourself (we're pretty sure you'll love it!). So feel free to shop anytime, anywhere at SUMCO!

Absolutely! If you are planning on making an order of 500 units and above, kindly reach out to us via our contact form below and our community managers will get in touch with you as soon as they can! We'll make sure to assist you and provide you the best deals. 😉

Your TEAM refers to the people that you have onboarded on SUMCO. What's exciting is that you earn points & commissions whenever they sell via their affiliate link and/or purchase products in wholesale on the platform. You'll also get to earn from the members and customers that they sign on as well! How awesome is that?!

SUMCO has implemented reasonable safeguards to help protect your personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. These safeguards include physical, organizational, and technological measures to ensure your safety. The specific safeguards used by SUMCO may differ based on our sole judgment as to the sensitivity of the information at hand and the format or location in which it is maintained. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

Our Terms of Service can be found here. You can also contact us via the contact form below if you have any questions!

We would be more than happy to assist you on this matter! To do so, please reach out to us through our contact form below and our customer support team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Membership, Points, and Commissions

Great! Just click here to start your SUMCO journey!

Before you can become a member of our network, first you'll have to sign-up and create your SUMCO account. You can do that via this link.

We make sure that being part of the SUMCO community is truly a rewarding experience!

Throughout your SUMCO journey, your membership can vary among various levels: A.) Registered Customer and B.) Business Account holder (1. Black, 2. Silver and 3. Gold).

As a Registered Customer, you will earn a lifetime cashback reward of up to 5% in the form of SUMCO Credits whenever you purchase from any e-Shop powered by SUMCO. This can be stored and used as payment the next time you shop with us! To know about this, kindly head over to Cashback and Credits.

But the real fun begins when you become a Business Account holder! As a Black, Silver, and Gold member, you will get access to the following to help you start, run, and grow and online business you can call your own:

-Exclusive product catalogue that you can purchase at wholesale and retail prices.

  • Sell SUMCO products directly via your own distribution channels or through your personal e-Shop here on the platform.
  • Commissions of up to 45% through affiliate marketing and dropshipping -Social selling built-in tools (from order and payment processing to fulfillment) -Education through extensive trainings and workshops

So what are you waiting for? Join SUMCO today!

Going from Black to Silver means you have to earn a total of

4,000 points (SG) | 18,000 points (MY) | 14 million points (ID) | 1,500 points (US) | 6,000 points (BN). Just a little extra work and you'll get there in no time!

We offer two levels of Black membership in Malaysia.

You can attain a Black membership that is valid for 12 months through a minimum single transaction of RM 300 on any SUMCO products. After the benefit period, you have to retain a specific number of points to maintain your membership level to avoid a downgrade. But, worry not! For only 6,000 points, you can secure a non-expiring Black membership! Awesome, right?!

Going from Black to Silver means you have to earn a total of 4,000 points (SG) | 18,000 points (MY) | 14 million points (ID) | 1,500 points (US) | 6,000 points (BN). Just a little extra work and you'll get there in no time!

With your talent and some extra effort, you could go from being a SIlver member to a Gold member by earning a minimum of 14,000 points (SG) | 150,000 points (MY) | 80 million points (ID) | 5,000 points (US) | 50,000 points (BN).

You can enjoy the rewards of your current membership status during the benefit period of 12 months. After 12 months, you have to retain a specific number of points to maintain your membership level. Refer to the details below to determine your next tier eligibility.

Black: 800 points (SG) | 1,500 points (MY) | 4 million points (ID) | 300 points (US) | 500 points (BN)

Silver: 4,000 points (SG) | 18,000 points (MY) | 14 million points (ID) | 1,500 points (US) | 6,000 points (BN)

Gold: 14,000 points (SG) | 150,000 points (MY) | 80 million points (ID) | 5,000 points (US) | 50,000 points (BN)

Click here to view our terms & conditions.

It's easy! Your account will automatically start collecting points from every purchase that you make once you become a Black member!

There are four main ways for you to earn points: 1.) Purchase wholesale from our exclusive product line-up 2.) Sell products from our catalogue through your affiliate links 3.) Someone from your team purchases wholesale products on the platform 4.) Someone from your team sells via affiliate links through their eshop

Whichever method you choose, we will support you and give you the reward you deserve! Just kindly note that the points that will be awarded to you are accumulated from the actual purchase amount (i.e. amount after applying credits or discount and exclusive of shipping fee). You can also keep track of the points you've earned on your dashboard.

You'll also see the potential points you will earn when you view an item's product page.

We want to make sure that you have the best experience here at SUMCO, that's why we automatically compute your points for you! Your account dashboard will show you how many points you have accumulated throughout your journey with us. But if you want to manually check it for yourself, below is a quick guide on how to do it!

  • You will earn 2X POINTS whenever you purchase our private labels and our selected exclusive partner brands
  • You will earn 1X POINT whenever you purchase top-shelf brands that are not exclusively distributed by SUMCO
  • You will earn an additional 1.5X POINTS whenever you shop any of our products in wholesale
  • You will earn 1X POINT whenever you sell via your affiliate link
  • When calculating your points, just remember that $1 | S$1 | RM 1 | Rp 1 | B$1 = 1 point

You'll also see the potential points you will earn when you view an item's product page.

To make your life easier, the balance on your commission will be automatically sent to your linked bank account on a monthly basis! There are also no additional fees in place per disbursement so you get to enjoy the full amount of your hard work! Awesome, right?

This will show you an estimate of the potential earnings you will get from purchasing products wholesale from us and selling them at retail prices through your own sales channels. We have designed the platform to allow you to see your progress and how you are performing as a reseller throughout your SUMCO journey.

Cashback & Credit Balance

What could be better than getting money back on the spending you do? Cashback is a reward that you earn as a Registered Customer (in the form of SUMCO credits whenever you take part in our limited / seasonal promo campaigns) ready for use the next time you shop with us!

Absolutely not! You are free to earn and spend a lifetime cashback as a Registered Customer at SUMCO! How cool is that?!

Definitely! You'll get an email from us whenever these credit rebates, also known as Cashback, are awarded to your account through your invoice. You can also check your credit history via your dashboard.

A credit balance is the total amount you stored in your Credits through Top-Up method or earned via cashback.

Use your credit balance to purchase products on SUMCO. When you Checkout, just simply click "Use Credits" and the amount will be automatically deducted from your total bill!

Any cashed in amount or earned credits through cashback cannot be withdrawn from your Credit balance. But don't worry! You can always use just it for your next purchase by choosing your credits as your payment method upon Checkout.

No. These credits are for you and we do our best to keep your account secured, so go ahead and enjoy them!

Social Commerce / Affiliate Selling

As an affliate, you can use your personal SUMCO e-Shop to share and promote the products that you love. You can also order our products wholesale, have them delivered to you, and sell through your distribution channels. You can choose whatever method suits you! Remember, you are your own boss! 💪🏻

Easy peasy! Just share your affiliate link to your friends and followers and you'll be compensated whenever they shop your recommendations! You get to earn both commissions and SUMCO points from every $1 spent on your store. To know more, kindly head over to What is commissions and how do I earn it?

We made sure that your affiliate link is super easy to find! Just go to your own store, share your personal e-Shop URL (i.e. yourname.sumco.store/shop) or Product URL and you're set!

As a member, you have a special link that is only assigned to you! To invite, just head over to My Team to share an invite directly to your friends so that they can join SUMCO and discover a new and unique retail experience at their fingertips! Here's to building a braver and kinder future together!

You don't have to worry about anything! From packaging to order fulfillment, SUMCO will take care of everything for you!

No, we are currently unable to support it.

We work with our logistics partner, Janio, to ship out the orders.

Shipping & Delivery

We have numerous payment methods to choose from and may vary per country. We have the usual options available such as Credit card and Bank Deposit in place, but we are also able to support other major payment channels such as PayNow, Xendit, OVO, and Dana. Kindly note that if you select any of these channel, you will be redirected to a new page and will have to wait to be redirected back to our site to confirm that your order has pushed through (whether automatically or manually).

Rest assured that we are working on increasing the options readily available for you, and don't forget that you can also select your SUMCO Credits upon checkout. For more details on credits, refer to the Credits section.

Absolutely! You can edit the items on your cart anytime before you checkout. However, kindly note that once you proceed with the payment and shipping, you will not be able to make any changes with regards to your order.

With the SUMCO Store website and app, you can easily track the status of your orders by accessing My Orders. Then select More Details. We will also give you the latest real-time via your email address to make sure you're up to date!

If you have any issues tracking an order on your own, you can contact us via support@sumco.store, provide your registered email address and/or order number, and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

Yes, we do! We can deliver our products to the following countries, whether it's for you or your customers via our dropshipping service: United States, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Rest assured our team is working on increasing our delivery coverage. Kindly note that the delivery prices may also vary for each country and depending on the quantity of order(s).

Unfortunately, you will not be able to pick the time and delivery of your parcels. Though take note that we do same day delivery if you are able to settle your payment before 2pm.

The shipping options will be reflected upon check out. Once you have confirmed the items in your cart, the shipping rate will be reflected together with the total order amount.

Great question! A 5% service fee applies to all purchases made on the platform and processed through our payment portal. This include but is not limited to: miscellaneous charges, forex banking fees, as well as other payment gateway fees incurred per transaction.

Returns / Cancellation

If your orders have been cancelled unexpectedly, and you have not received a notification from our Customer Service team prior to the cancellation, please reach let us know as soon as possible through our contact form so we can assist you immediatley.

Once you have received your parcel, take an unboxing video to ensure that you can send the video to us in case you have received a defective or damaged product. Send the video together with your Order ID and our customer support team will respond to you within 24 hours-working day.

Take note that any refund or replacement requests are subjected to evaluation based on the unboxing video that the SUMCO team will receive.

SUMCO offers same day delivery if parcels are placed and paid before 2pm. However, if your order has not arrived after 7 days after the estimated delvery date, please get in touch with our Customer Support team and provide your Order ID. If this happens, we will replace your order and have it delivered as soon as possible with no additional charges.

Here at SUMCO, we always aim to satisfy our customers and our partners. This rarely happens, but in the unlikely event that you have received a defective product, extra product, package with broken seal or wrong item, notify us right away by sending us an unboxing video together with your Order ID via support@sumco.store or the contact form below.

Please DO NOT dispose of or give away any of the items that you may receive. All defective, incorrect, and extra products received are subject for retrieval. Instead, set these items safely aside back in the packaging they came in. Incorrect and extra items received should remain in their unused and unopened condition. Otherwise, the replacement will be forfeited.

Our Customer Service Team will provide confirmation and further instructions should it be necessary to return the product/s involved. Do allow our team one (1) working day to get back to you.

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